The Golden Rule | Thrifty Thursday

Hi, friends!  It’s been a while!  

Let me tell you about the “Golden Rule”.  You can literally transform just about anything and make it go from shabby to classy with just one simple thing.  Gold spray paint!  This stuff is amazing!  So I think this week’s Thrifty Thursday is probably going to be one of my favorites for a really long time, for two reasons.  One, it involves gold spray paint, and two, it involves a pineapple.

I found the coolest pineapple bookend at the thrift store a while ago and I knew as soon as I bought it that I was going to paint it gold.  It had a few broken leaves, but that’s no match for some paint.  It literally hides them!  


  • gold spray paint (I like the metallic/reflective kind)
  • pineapple bookend (or any thrifty find)

Isn’t it gorgeous!?

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