all because two people fell in love...

We're Chelsea & Clyde, a Baltimore (and beyond) based Wedding Photography team, also specializing in engagements & families! 

She loves coffee shop hopping, crafting, and a good Disney+ movie marathon. He loves cars, crabbing, and camping.

We enjoy a good love story and can't wait to hear all about yours. Preserving your memories is one of our absolute favorite things to do! And since spending time together is a part of our ideal day, getting to capture your wedding day as a team makes our hearts so happy!

Husband & Wife Photography Team

Two Hearts, One Truth

Our goal as wedding photographers is to make this one aspect of the planning process as simple and easy as it can be. Photography is more than just images, it's a real part of your day!

Not only do you deserve beautiful images, but you deserve an amazing photographic experience. When our couples feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, that results in genuine, joyful, and heartfelt images!

Our goal is not only to capture memories for our clients, but to create an experience they will never forget. You see, we consider ourselves storytellers, and well, 

                     will always be our favorite.

preserving your love story for generations

Our Philosophy

love stories

every love story is beautiful,
                   but ours is my favorite

every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite


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